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02. Fashion Industry Concerns
01. Welcome

Welcome on our website.
On this website we give a short overview of our TUKAtech activities.

DNA interactif Fashion offers exclusive Tukatech software. This is a revolutionary product. It brings an answer on some of the current challenges in the fashion industry.

Extensive apparel business intelligence through market research and a highly qualified and experienced team from within the fashion industry, has allowed us to outline process problems in the apparel industry and forecast trends and industry concerns often years before they arose.

In result, we have established an unprecedented competitive edge over industry giants (Gerber, Lectra, and Assyst) by focusing product development towards not only streamlining today’s processes but preparing the apparel industry to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Some of the most common challenges, we find, that we can improve are as follows:
  • Cost Savings (in design and development)
    Quality Control and Assurance in Product Development
  • Communication
  • Sample Making
  • Fabric Utilization Fabric